Ines Batllo

Ines Batllo is a Catalan artist whose works have been shown in Germany, Holland, France, Italy, Spain, Hong Kong, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and Texas, where she currently resides. As her paintings and other works bridge the divide between two worlds, the old and new, combining and celebrating the cultures and traditions of Europe and the Americas, so does her work combine various media, both old and new, from charcoal to Photoshop. Her work blends calm and ethereal Iberian mystery with earth hued Pan-American eroticism, yet resonates emotionally with a singular and unique power.

Born in Barcelona, Spain, the daughter of a talented artist, Ines Batllo discovered art at an early age. Though her father passed away when she was only one year old the weighty presence of his artist’s easel and the ubiquitous and weighty presence of his art encouraged young Ines to pick up the artist’s brush. Ines has always painted, and she has also worked with sculpture and ceramics as well as lending her talents to designing sets, costumes, and props to various theatrical, film, and television productions in the entertainment industry. During her time working in television that Ines discovered graphic software and learned how pushing pixels and manipulating vectors could be a new way to explore creativity and thereby create unique works of art. An artist of many mediums, Ines currently finds herself immersed in the mediums of oil and encaustic.

Ines Batllo resides in Austin and has shown her work in museums and galleries such as Mexicart , La Peña , Bay 6 , The Capitol , The Palmer Center and other venues in town . Ines currently works and exhibits at IBVA – Ines Batllo Visual Arts .

Statement: I’ve spent my life dedicated to visual art, and during this time I’ve realized the journey is indeed more important than the destination.  The ultimate goal of an artist is self-discovery. What is produced by this self-discovery can be beautiful, but the art is in the journey, not the object. I work in the way one would explore a cave, or draw water from a well. From this place deep inside float into my work the faces of loved ones and long forgotten memories, like some buried treasure.  The five paintings submitted are an example of my latest collections done in encaustic . All of them done on Amprestand boards . Each one represents images of my travels or of the collective unconscious . I try to communicate my pictorial ideas with a figurative language through this old and intricate technique so well known in the Classical Greece.

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